Leaders of the pack.

We offer functional, inventive and practical technical solutions for the defense, space and related commercial industries.

We advance insights and solutions that work. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.

Huntsville Aeronautics™ team members serve as industry experts and leaders within their respective disciplines. As recognized experts, Huntsville Aeronautics™ team members frequently provide insight and assistance with complex issues and projects.


Access to over 50 Patented Technologies for client solutions and commercialization.

Solutions / Expertise / Technologies

The Huntsville Aeronautics Company (HAC) develops advanced technologies and solutions for clients in aviation, defense and space exploration industries.

Core Competences

For space exploration, Huntsville Aeronautics has capabilities and experience at every level: propulsion; cryogenic and fluid systems; launch vehicle performance; payload integration; and regolith, in-situ resource utilization.

Propulsion.  Liquid, solid or hybrid propulsion system and component design, analysis, testing and fabrication.

Cryogenic and Fluid Systems.  Cryogenic propellant storage and transfer technology development.

Launch Vehicle Performance.  Launch vehicle performance and analysis.

Payload Integration.   Customer launch vehicle acquisition and payload analysis and adjustment.

Mechanics and Regolith R & D.  In-situ resource utilization research and prototype development for regolith experiments.


  • 1 — Advanced Manufacturing
  • 2 — Clean Sheet Design & Build
  • 3 — Program Management
  • 4 — Rapid Prototyping
  • 5 — Systems and Components Analysis

About HAC

If additional information is needed, please email your request to Insights@Haeronautics.com.

For more information, visit: www.haeronautics.com .

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