A technology company providing a clear perspective on today's innovations.

The Huntsville Aeronautics Company (known as “Huntsville Aeronautics™” or HAC) is a new, technology-based company, formed with the creative, inventive minds of the best and brightest seasoned professionals in science, energy, technology and aerospace law, providing innovative solutions to customers in the aerospace and defense markets.

Huntsville Aeronautics™ balances traditional methods with modern innovation to achieve the optimum outcome and best solutions for its clients and own success.

We advance insights and solutions that work.

Sectors of Influence

Our specializations

  • Defence

    Homeland Security


    Aerospace & Defense

  • Electric Vehicles

    Hybrid Vehicles

    Automotive & Transportation

  • Handling of Engineer Equipment

    Storage of Engineer Equipment

    Engineering of Equipment


  • Renewable, Alternate, Technology

    Unconventional Equipment & Devices

    Unconventional Components & Technology

    Energy & Power

  • Mineral & Metal Mining

    Mining Technology & Processes

    Production Technology

    Cryogenic Distillation

    Mining Support Activities

    Storage Distribution & Transportation

    Cylinder & Packaged Gas

    Mining, Minerals & Metals

  • Surface Technology for Advance Manufacturing

    Heat Transfer

    Thermo-Management Solutions

    Novel Materials

Technology & Capabilities

Huntsville Aeronautics™ has capabilities to provide analysis, design, fabrication and testing of propulsion, cryogenic, energy and UAS systems and components for domestic and international markets.

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